Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chargers lost lead then game

Cypress, CA - Youth and inexperience were still a factor for the Chargers as they continued to struggle to maintain a lead. Leading most of the first half, Cypress (5-13, 0-2) led 22-12 with 9:38 to go, allowed the Hornets (10-6, 1-0) to make a 18-8 run to finish the half. In the second half the Chargers battle to lead 47-43 at the 11:04 mark and once again lost the momentum when point guard Chris Kapono picked up his 4th foul. Meanwhile the Hornets went on a 26-8 run to take the lead for good.

Davon Potts led all scorers with 20 points but only shot 6-of-15 from the floor. Montel Taylor grabbed 12 boards to lead in that category. Fullerton's Chris Lewis scored a double-double of 16points/10 boards to make its presence in the paint known.


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